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Make your golf trip to Portugal exceptional

Portugal is a paradise for golfers thanks to a selection of top quality courses and year-round temperate weather. Although there are only 80 courses in the country, they are spread throughout the region, offering golf tourists varying aspects of the beautiful countryside. Golf in Portugal offers you great value too, making it a popular choice with those taking their first golfing vacation abroad. It’s a charming, vibrant country that offers the avid golfer an amazing vacation experience on and off the course.

Aside from playing many rounds of golf, here are some of the things you can do to help make your golfing vacation to Portugal an outstanding experience.

Soak up the culture.

Portugal is filled with a long and fascinating history, so why not take the chance to explore some of the heritage on offer. The museums offer everything from ancient roman ruins to contemporary art so you’re sure to find something that appeals.

As far as wining and dining goes you’ll be spoilt for choice, especially if you’re a fan of seafood. There’s no need to eat every meal at your resort hotel when there is so much on offer. It will also give you a chance to interact with the locals and make new friends.

Indulge in some luxury. It is a holiday after all, and you’ll need some pampering after spending all that time walking the magnificent greens. Why not try out some Thalassotherapy? It’s a treatment based on the use of sea water and sea products to provide a feeling of wellness and relaxation.

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